Life is plastic...that's not fantastic- but there's hope!

Life is plastic...that's not fantastic- but there's hope!

Everyday we are bombarded with plastic in every aspect of our lives. No two ways about it. Although it may seem as though plastic has infiltrated everything (and in some ways, I guess it has), we can find some pockets of resistance everywhere as well! There is a growing number of companies out there that are trying to make positive changes to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic in their products. I recently found these and I love them. It might be something to get used to, but if you give it a fair chance, I will bet that you won't want to turn back! Considering that most toothpaste tubes are not recyclable, the above is a good alternative to the standard toothpaste tube we are all used to, and these containers are good for travel (no liquids so you can take them your carry-on bag on an airplane) and the best part about it- no plastic!

Note that as an Amazon Associate, any purchases made through links provide me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. So thank you! And thank you for doing your part in reducing the use of plastics.

Seeing as I live in a small town on an island, we don't always have access to this kind of 'novelty' item, unless we hop in a car and travel for hours. That is partly why I will soon be carrying these toothpaste tablets (see above) and Sea Turtle brand bamboo toothbrushes with plant-based bristles (and hopefully more plastic-free items down the road!) in bulk for you to purchase at craft fairs and in town without having to worry so much about the carbon footprint that we all create and whatnot. If you decide to have these items shipped, Amazon may have the option of shipping carbon-neutral, though I will have to look into that. I will also have to look into that for my own shipping as well. This is all so very new to me and it is baby steps!

Since I worry about all of this plastic stuff myself, I'm sure I'm not the only one- I can't be. So if we all do our part and collaborate, we can make this world a better place for our children and the next seven generations that follow. Things can get easier, less expensive, and better for everyone.

Have a great day everyone!

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