Living with rosacea and a general intolerance to most fragrances, I needed something simple and mild as my everyday go-to cleanser. I could no longer continue to use the unknown (to me) ingredients that I was putting on my face, body, and hands.


I wish there weren't so many fragrances and chemical additives in the commercial soaps and cleansers found in the stores. I remember even earlier as a child avoiding going down the laundry aisle- I still do!


I continue to struggle with the temptation to buy whatever I think looks appealing on the shelves, but then quickly realize that my skin will thank me if I go home without it.


With a family of my own now, I am even more conscious about what goes on my skin and my child's skin, and ultimately, what nasty stuff could absorb into it.


Our handmade mild, gentle soaps are soothing to our sensitive skin. We put lots of love and careful thought into all we do. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer and share the experience with others.




We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by using sustainably-sourced ingredients and avoiding the use of plastics and microplastics as much as possible.

We also do not use fragrances because of allergy concerns.

We try our best to use local ingredients when they are available and are cost-effective. From time to time, we will work with local beekeepers and anyone else who wishes to trade or barter products and/or services.

Our packaging might not look pretty because we will reuse and reclaim packaging where appropriate- please do not judge a book by its cover :)

A portion of our annual sales will be donated to an environmental cause and a mental health initiative. Please note that by supporting Barachois Breeze, you are also supporting someone who lives with mental illness.

We thank you for all your support!